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 The Application

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PostSubject: The Application   The Application EmptySun Aug 18, 2013 8:49 pm

Restrictions of characters: Since we have an over abundance of Jounins, S-rank shinobi and Anbu are strongly encouraged not to be made. Please we need Genin and Chuunin more than those. Also there is a ban on Konohagakure ninja, as well as Iwagakure. Keep this in mind while your creating your character


[center][img]an image of your character, please do not stretch the  screen[/img][/center]

[b]Name:[/b] Name goes here

[b]Shinobi Position:[/b] Your Rank and Position



[b]Chakra Nature(s):[/b]


One good paragraph of how your character interacts with others.


One paragraph for genin
Two paragraphs for chunin
Three paragraphs for Jounin
Five Paragraphs for a Kage
Explain how your shinobi got to the rank they are at.[/center]

[b]playby:[/b](can use Naruto canons as long as the canon is related to your character)

[center]Small Roleplay Sample:

Just a paragraph or so on your roleplaying skills.

How'd you find us: (If advertisement, please name the person who advertised  :)[/center]

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The Application
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