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 Orochimaru application

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PostSubject: Orochimaru application   Orochimaru application EmptySat May 21, 2016 5:33 pm

Orochimaru application Vnjlo8

Name: Orochimaru

Shinobi Position: Sannin

Village: missing-nin

Age: 144

Chakra Nature(s): Wind, fire, lightning, earth

Personality:Once feared for his sadistic and seemingly impulsive nature, Orochimaru has settled down into a more calm and passive shinobi. He had fought many wars in his youth, all had changed his character. From light to dark, and then, after the fourth great ninja war, after fighting with his old mentor and female teammate once more he seemed to have moved slightly away from the shadows. His nature is still unreadable to most, his humour still with a touch of dark to it. However he has since lost his need to be proud or arrogant. After attaining his dream of immortality he rationalized as best as his ever shattered mind could.  
Although still to a degree selfish, he is now more willing to comply too the rules he deems acceptable. He is patient, as he knows he will get what he wants and has little time for worrying over things other ninja may. He is less secretive now, as he does not feel compelled to hide his researches. Although still morally warped he has come to slightly understand the rules of the society he is still forbidden to enter.

Although he has let his ego settle, he is still expecting respect when new comers enter. This trait is ever so slightly less demanding now that he feels he does not need to bother with the opinions of others. He is still calculated, and to those who do not know him and probably never will, he still appears to be uncaring and completely cold to the feelings of others. Orochimaru does not feel the need to correct their beliefs, and undoubtedly he still enjoys striking fear into people. He does not seek out chaos any longer, but he is still set on becoming the ultimate shinobi by attaining all the knowledge in the world as well as all the jutsu within it.

After he became a parent to Mistuki, he has developed some kind of human attachment again. Once completely immune to the idea of looking out for another human being, the Legendary Sannin is now somewhat intrigued to delve further into the new risen emotion. He is still a logical thinker more than an emotional one, but somewhere in between the madness he will always be, the Sannin has found another being he is willing to share his own world with. Although not one to openly give out his feelings or sentiments on matters, the infamous ninja is still keeping a paternal eye out for his son, a small show of actions speaking louder than words, revealing his inner care for the child he is accountable for.

Orphaned at a young age, the deemed prodigy in team Hiruzen fell to darkness when grief over took his sense and lead him down a path he would later regret in some small way. Named one of the Legendary Sannin- Orochimaru sought out power and ultimate knowledge. This led him to the goal of obtaining immortality which he later in his life finally manages to attain. He was in many groups, at first he was a ninja of Konoha, there after a member of ROOT, then an affiliate in the infamous Akatsuki, then a leader of a following village named Sound until finally he was simply a rogue doing his own bidding undisturbed.

Orochimaru was the one held responsible for many illegal dealings as well as being the one who convinced Sasuke Uchiha to leave Konoha and seek out power on a dark path. After being killed and revived by Sasuke, and after aiding aligned shinobi in one of the many wars he fought, the Sannin had a mild change of heart and decided to not seek out chaos for amusement. When the war had ended he was absolved of his crimes and the sentence of death due to his betrayal was nullified. He was ordered by the Hokage of Konoha to live under the surveillance of a trusted Jonin- Yamato- who he had no issues with. He was told that he was not allowed to enter the village- Konohagakura- and since moved on to live in one of his underground lairs.

He was followed by fellow rogues and ex-associates, Karin, Suigetsu and Jugo who had nowhere else to go. They set up their own laboratories under the earth’s surface where they continued to do research under the monitoring of the Hokage of Konoha. The technology of the Sannin’s studies became far more advanced in time, and he managed to get superb information on cloning and DNA studies. He attained his dream and found eternal youth, no longer relying on sacrifices which would be breaking his mutual agreement with his old home land. Orochimaru then decided he wanted to know what it was like to be a parent. He genetically created two humans who he named Log and Mitsuki, and saw them as his children. He remains on the belief that he is simply put their parent, rather than a decided figure. Wishing for Mitsuki to develop the last trait needed to be fully human, Orochimaru created an elaborate scenario to activate his ability to have free will. He then watched his son leave to stay in Konoha, where he still kept an eye out for him. 75 years later the Sannin still lives, outliving many born after him. He continues his quest of learning all about the world, and in doing so conquering all jutsu.

playby: Mitsuki
Small Roleplay Sample:
Orochimaru found himself standing in the cool night air, he over looked the forest from the ledge he stood atop. It had been years since he had discovered a way to remain eternally youthful. There was a time he had thought his dream foolish. A time he assumed he would die and he would never learn all there was to learn. He had defied nature, physics and all those who tried to spill his blood. Many had tried to kill him, but here he stood, very much alive, very much immortal. He closed his golden lurid eyes and concentrated on the land below. There were so many new shinobi in the world, he almost missed the ones he had known during his age. Now he was a part of all the ages, he was a part of the world itself. Never leaving, a monument of his own success. He had for a time been merciless, but now he had settled, now he felt he did not have the desire for cruelty. He had hoped peace would remain, that he lived through all the wars he would ever have to, he had been wrong. His days of fighting would never be over, and perhaps, perhaps he would have to finally pick a side and a flag. He had outlived many people that at the time he did not admit to caring for. But now, maybe he would do things differently.  

How'd you find us: BlackStatic Naruto au RP
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PostSubject: Re: Orochimaru application   Orochimaru application EmptySat May 21, 2016 7:18 pm

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Orochimaru application
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