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 Akira Usagi {FINISHED}

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Akira Usagi

Akira Usagi

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PostSubject: Akira Usagi {FINISHED}   Akira Usagi {FINISHED} EmptySun May 22, 2016 2:36 pm

"You know that dark shadow in the corner of your room at night? Yeah, that's me."

Name: Akira/Kira Usagi

Shinobi Position: ANBU; Jounin Squad Captain

Village: Amegakure


Chakra Nature(s): Phantom (Unknown chakra natures)

Akira, externally, is happy, shy, goofy and a carefree spirit.  These outside traits instantly cause others to think that Akira is a joke as a ninja because he's always smiling or laughing at something.  Akira always wears a happy face to prevent others from trying to pry into his life, but the ones who smile the most, are the ones that hide the most pain.  Internally, Akira is distant, sarcastic, introverted, lazy, but extremely smart, logical, realistic and analytical.  Akira has always been distant in his life and never truly felt like he was like everyone else.  He has always been the odd one out or the one that never fit in with anyone unless he really wanted to.  Whenever Akira can have time to himself, he uses that time wisely to ensure that he isn’t around anyone and that no one can bother him.

Akira isn’t truly distant from people though.  He doesn’t mind having that interaction with others, but given his introverted nature, just the thought of interacting and engaging with others is a tiresome process to him.  The only way Akira mostly engages with someone is if they interest him or if they won’t leave him alone.  Furthermore, his bad habit of isolation has caused him to gain somewhat of a superiority complex in terms of mental prowess.  This is apparent when he’s being sarcastic with others that he considers to be beneath him.  He knows that he’s not the smartest person alive, but he still considers himself to be a cut above everyone else, even if he doesn’t always show it.

Akira has never been open with anyone in his life about how he truly is because he feels as though nobody would understand him.  Even if he were to share every thought in his mind with someone, he just feels like they wouldn’t get it.  The same thing applies with those whom he takes an intimate interest in.  The isolation, in his opinion, is both a mental gift and a curse. Akira claims that the only time he’s at some type of peace is when he’s asleep, which is something he likes to do quite often.

Akira demonstrates a great sense of pride and confidence in his capabilities as a ninja and his home Amegakure.  Despite Amegakure being an unofficial and war-torn region, it's still Akira's home and a place that has shown him many things in the ninja world.  In battle, Akira becomes more like his true self, displaying cold, calculating, serious and sarcastic qualities.  He makes no wasted moves, and makes it his priority to read and debilitate his opponent as much as possible before dealing a fatal blow.  Akira prefers to avoid unnecessary battles, but still knows when someone needs to be eliminated.

Despite Akira's own external and internal struggles, he still has a soft spot in his heart for the world and the people in it, regardless of how much he tries to hate them both.

Akira Usagi was born and raised in The Village Hidden by Rain, also known as Amegakure, along with his adoptive brother Izaya Mishima.  Amegakure is a small, yet highly industrialised hidden village located in an unnamed country.  Its architecture is composed of several metallic skyscrapers with rowed ducts connected to them and many power lines surrounding.  A number of smaller villages also surround Amegakure.  As its name suggests, it rains almost constantly due to a storm above the village.  Izaya's biological parents were slaughtered in a war that took place in Amegakure some years ago while he was still young.  Shortly after, Izaya was brought in by Akira's family as a war orphan and introduced as Akira's adoptive brother.  Both children were around the same age when they were introduced, Izaya being older than Akira only by a few months.  Many years passed, and Akira and Izaya lived fairly happy and average lives.  Unfortunately, because Amegakure has always been a hotspot for war due to the actions of its unofficial leaders, it was caught in a new war between Kumogakure and Konohagakure.  This time around, both Izaya and Akira lost their family and became the next generation war orphans.  Immediately after the conflict, they both took a vow to protect each other and to also bring power back the nation they cared so much for. Akira and Izaya swore that no matter what, that Konoha and Kumo would pay for their actions against Amegakure.  Eventually, as all hatred does, it started to spread as the two brothers got older.  What was originally a hatred for only two of the Five Great Nations, ultimately became a hatred for all five.  They knew it would take a while before they became strong enough to do it, but the day would come when Akira and Izaya would make the five kages pay for their actions.

Realizing what they needed to do and how they needed to get it done, they fought with each other every day trying to perfect what skills they had.  Despite being an unofficial territory, Amegakure is known for producing ninjas that possess a multitude of unseen abilities due to the number of refugees that both enter and flee the village. From their constant fighting, they soon achieved the amount of power they could handle for mere genin level ninja. The product of Izaya’s training was the ability to manipulate sound and air pressure while Akira gained more unnatural powers.  Akira's jutsu seemed to involve a heavy usage of the Yin chakra nature, which encompasses all genjutsu.  Now that they knew they had genin potential, keeping their hatred in mind, Akira suggested that they both try to gain as much intel on all of the five great nations and everybody that they were connected to as time went on.  This would allow them to start laying out the pieces for their future attacks. Until then, Akira and Izaya would bring no extra attention to themselves until the right amount of power had been amassed. This marked the beginning of their goal to bring destruction to all of the great nations.

At the age of 14, both Akira and Izaya participated in the Chunin Exams and were able to become chunin thanks to their teamwork, hidden nature, and determination.  Intending to ensure that all of the necessary precautions were taken, Akira and Izaya frequently carried out missions given to them from the higher-ups of Amegakure. These missions ranged from search & destroy, intelligence gathering, and occasionally assassination.  Of course, these missions were primarily done for the sake of the village; however, they also took in all the data they learned from these missions for future use.  Luckily for them, the missions weren’t strictly limited to smaller nations.  Given that Amegakure was a highly industrial nation, it sometimes caused the greater nations to ask for their assistance.  Every mission that Akira and Izaya took led to all of the 5 Great Shinobi Nations at least once.  With each and every visit to Konohagakure, Kumogakure, Kirigakure, Sunagakure, and Iwagakure, they were able to obtain a lot of the data that they needed each time they visited on a mission. But, being only Chunin level ninja, there was only so much information that one could extract on a village. This halt in their progress inspired even more daring and grueling feats. 3 years after becoming Chunin, Akira and Izaya were both now 17 and ready to participate in the Jounin Exams.

The two brothers participated in the most challenging battles they had ever faced before. The Jounin Exams were on a completely different level from the Chunin Exams, even the preliminaries felt like the final portion of the exams this time around.  Everything about this exam was different from the one from 3 years ago. Regardless, the brothers pushed through and passed the exams, albeit beaten and battered.  Passing the Jounin exams was a crucial part of their plan, but after doing so, Akira and Izaya soon realized that they had differing goals.  Akira had started to realize the error in his thinking.  Hatred breeds more hatred and violence begets violence.  In the end, even if they had brought ruin to the five great nations, then what?  It would only cause more hate to rise in its place.  Akira decided that they needed to stop with their plans and focus on not keeping the cycle of war going, but instead stopping it.  Izaya didn’t agree, and stood by the notion that the world needed to be destroyed and recreated.  Akira, realizing that his brother was in too deep, and Izaya realizing that his brother was more softhearted than he seemed, decided to put an end to each other at the moment.  The two fought fiercely, but ultimately, Akira had to do what was necessary and put an end to his brother and the first person he had considered a friend.  Akira was now alone, and had no family in the cruel world of ninja.

Four years passed, Akira was now 21.  He eventually gained the title of ANBU along with his independent status of Jounin.  He continued to master his ability over his unique genjutsu, which he referred to as the “Phantom Style”, until there was nothing more that could be gained from it.  Due to the unique nature of this jutsu, Akira held the status of “Akira Usagi of the Astral Phantom Style.”  With no specific goal and no real purpose in mind, Akira’s current reason for existing is to maintain the peace of the ninja world.  He keeps his presence in Amegakure, but occasionally wanders the ninja world, no longer bearing the immature hatred towards the world that he previously had.

Small Roleplay Sample:

Akira walked through the soaked streets of Amegakure with his signature white cloak on while wearing his hood.  Having a hooded item in Amegakure was a necessity, being that the rainstorm was constant and never-ending.  Akira had a lot of time on his hands to do whatever he wanted.  With no friends, no family and no social life, Akira was in all essence, a ghost.  He slipped through the streets like a phantom, unnoticed by everyone.  This was both a gift and a curse.  A gift in the regard that it made patrolling a lot easier, but a curse in the regard that it got lonely at times.  No human on the planet is ever supposed to be content with being alone, and even though Akira has learned to cope with it, that doesn't necessarily make it any easier either.  He stopped walking and stuck his bandaged right hand out from underneath his cloak. The falling raindrops, even though they fell infinitely in number, gave off a certain beauty with each individual drop.

"Sometimes I these raindrops feel loneliness in the same way that I do?"

How'd you find us: I've always been here! >:D
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Akira Usagi {FINISHED}
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